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Category: State Recipes A-H

Wild Turkey with Wild Berry Stuffing

Wild Turkey is the state bird (or state game bird) of Alabama, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. Cooking wild turkey is a little different than cooking a standard store-bought turkey, because they are drier and have a smaller breast. It’s important to keep the bird moist when you cook it.

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Quick Peach Cobbler – State Fruit

South Carolina was the first state to choose the peach as their official state fruit in 1984. Georgia became known as the Peach State, and they chose the peach as their official State Fruit in 1995. Alabama also decided to designate the peach as their official state fruit in 2006.

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Deer Barbeque

The White-tailed Deer is the state mammal (state animal, or state game animal) of Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. When cooked, deer is known as venison. It is a delicious, lean meat.

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