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Where Can I Find a List of Edible State Fish?

The following State Symbol chart from ClassBrain list the official State Fish, saltwater and freshwater, as well as the official State Crustaceans, State Shellfish, and State Shells that are edible. Various US states have chosen these seafood dishes to be Official State Symbols.

For a complete list of State Fish and Crustaceans, please visit ClassBrain’s State Reports.

Salmon - photo courtesy of Chris Gladis

Salmon - photo courtesy of Chris Gladis

List of Edible State Fish, Crustaceans, & Sea Shells

State Category Symbol Year established
Alabama State Fish Freshwater Largemouth Bass 1975
Alabama State Fish -Saltwater (Fighting) Tarpon 1955
Alaska State Fish Giant King Salmon 1962
Arizona State Trout Apache Trout 1986
California State Fish Golden Trout 1947
Colorado State Fish Greenback Cutthroat Trout 1994
Connecticut State Fish American Shad 2003
Connecticut State Shellfish Eastern Oyster 1989
Delaware State Fish American Weakfish 1981
Florida State Freshwater Fish Florida Largemouth Bass 2007
Georgia State Fish Largemouth Bass 1970
Idaho State Fish Cutthroat Trout 1990
Illinois State Fish Bluegill 1986
Iowa State Fish Channel Catfish **SMI-1**
Kentucky State Fish Kentucky Spotted Bass 1956
Louisiana State Freshwater Fish White Perch 1993
Louisiana State Crustacean Crayfish  (Cambaridae) 1983
Maine State Fish Landlocked Atlantic Salmon
Maryland State Fish Rockfish (Striped Bass) 1965
Maryland State Crustacean Maryland Blue Crab 1989
Massachusetts State Fish Cod 1894
Michigan State Fish Trout 1965
Michigan State Fish Brook Trout (re-designation) 1988
Minnesota State Fish Walleye 1965
Mississippi State Fish Largemouth (Blackmouth) Bass 1974
Mississippi State Shell Oyster 1974
Missouri State Fish Channel Catfish 1997
Montana State Fish Black Spotted Cutthroat Trout 1977
Nebraska State Fish Channel Catfish 1997
Nevada State Fish Lahontan Cutthroat Trout 1981
New Hampshire State Freshwater Game Fish Brook Trout 1994
New Hampshire State Saltwater Game Fish Striped Bass 1994
New Jersey State Fish Brook Trout 1991
New Mexico State Fish Grande Cutthroat Trout 1955
New York State Fish Freshwater Brook Trout 1975, 2006
New York State Fish Saltwater/Marine Striped Bass 2006
New York State Shell Bay Scallop 1988
North Carolina State Fish Channel Bass 1971
North Carolina State Freshwater Trout Appalachian Brook Trout 2005
North Dakota State Fish Northern Pike 1969
Ohio State Fish Walleye **SMI-2**
Oklahoma State Fish White Bass (Aka Sand Bass) 1974
Oregon State Fish Chinook Salmon 1961
Pennsylvania State Fish Brook Trout 1970
Rhode Island State Fish Striped Bass 2000
Rhode Island State Shell Quahaug 1987
South Carolina State Fish Striped Bass 1972
South Dakota State Fish Walleye 1982
Tennessee State Sport Fish Largemouth Bass 2005
Tennessee State Commercial Fish Channel Catfish 1988
Texas State Fish Guadalupe Bass 1989
Texas State Shell Lightening Whelk 1987
Utah State Fish Bonneville Cutthroat Trout 1997
Vermont State Fishes Walleye Pike 1978
Vermont State Fishes Brook Trout 1978
Virginia State Fish Brook Trout 1993
Virginia State Saltwater Fish Striped Bass **SMI-3**
Virginia State Shell Oyster 1974
Washington State Fish Steelhead Trout 1969
West Virginia State Fish Brook Trout 1973
Wisconsin State Fish Muskellunge 1955
Wyoming State Fish Cutthroat Trout 1987

**SMI** – Symbol of Mistaken Identity

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